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The Hedgehog: An Owner's Guide (D. Wrobel)                                           Add to Cart       12.99
Every hedgie servant's library should have a copy of this informative book.
It is a 'must' on the basics of hedgehog care.

The Pygmy Hedgehog - A Perfect Pet (S. Massena, B. Smith)                  Add to Cart       16.95
This book is a great investment, especially if you're having a difficult
time deciding the color of your hedgie.  Highly recommended for those
interested in breeding and showing your pet.

Hazel the Hedgehog, A Baby Animal Board Book                                       Add to Cart          3.00
A cute book about Hazel finding an unlikely friend!

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Ultra-Blend (8-in-1 Pro) Advanced Nutrition Diet for Hedgehogs  (22oz.) Add to Cart     6.95
This food is a crunchy, star-shaped food.   One box last about a month, for a single hedgie.
· Crude Protein (min.)  30.0%
· Crude Fat (min.)    8.0%
· Crude Fiber (max.)    5.0%
· Calcium   1.75%
· Moisture (max.)   10.0%

Brisky Accufeed Hedgehog Food (22 oz.)                                                     Add to Cart           6.95
This food is in pellet form.  Soft enough for hoglets, hearty enough for all.
One container lasts about a month, for a single hedgie.
· Crude Protein (min.)  28.0%
· Crude Fat (min.)    5.1%
· Crude Fiber (max.)    7.9%
· Calcium (min.)    1.0%
· Moisture (max.)   13.0%

Ghann's Crunchy Crickets (1.4 oz.)                                                              Add to Cart          6.95   F-GCC
These freeze-dried crickets are a good source of protein.  Most hedgies
really enjoy this as a treat.
· Crude Protein (min.)  57.0%
· Crude Fat (min)   14.0%
· Crude Fiber (max.)   7.0%
· Ash (max.)     5.37%
· Moisture (max.)    7.40%

Fluker's Freeze-Dried Mealworms (1.4 oz.)                                                 Add to Cart          8.95
Take the hassle out of maintaing live mealworms with these conveniently
packaged mealies.
· Crude Protein (min.)  46.64%
· Crude Fat (min.)   25.28%
· Crude Fiber (max.)   6.74%
· Ash (max.)     4.57%
· Moisture (max.)    9.56%

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Hedgehog Stickers                                                                                                                           2.00
These adorable hedgies come in three different designs; three sheets
per package.  A nice way to 'dress up' an envelope, gift package,
or classroom assignment.  Please specify design you prefer.
· Hedgehogs and Flowers                                                                                   Add to Cart
· Hedgehog Mailing                                                                                            Add to Cart
· St. Patrick's Day Hedgehogs                                                                         Add to Cart  

 · Hedgehog stickers from Germany, (various styles)                                  Add to Cart   


Graduation Hedgehog                                                                                          Add to Cart        6.00
Honor graduates with one--or more--of these stuffed toys. 
Approximately 3 ½ inches. 

Graduation Hedgehog Pin                                                                                  Add to Cart       6.00 

 The graduate will certainly stand out with this adornment! 

St. Patty's Day Hedgehog Pin                                                                           Add to Cart         6.00
Wear this hedgehog with pride on or before March 17th.

St. Patrick's Day Hedgehogs                                                                            Add to Cart         6.00
Top o' the morning to ye!  These hedgie pals are dressed in
St. Patty's Day green .  Approximately 3 ½ inches tall.  Specify
which design you prefer.
N-SP -TH (Top Hat)
N-SP-PL (Plaid)

Teacher Hedgehog                                                                                              Add to Cart         5.00
Small hedgie holds a heart with "Teacher A+" printed on it. 
Approximately 2 1/4" inches tall. 
Limited supply.

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The "Buddy Bag"                                                                                               Add to Cart       10.00
We have a limited supply of these papoose-style carrying bags for your
hedgie; in a variety of fabric designs. The bag allows you to keep your
pet close to your heart. These are machine washable. 

The "Heat Source"                                                                                             Add to Cart        2.95
This is an easy-to-use heating pad providing thirty-five hours of heat.  To use:  shake contents to activate, then wait between 4-5 minutes to generate heat.  If electrical power is lost or your prickly pal needs warmth on a trip, "The Heat Source" might be the handy solution you're looking for.  Natural ingredients, non-toxic, nonflammable, and biodegradable.  A sleeve is highly recommended because the temperature generated averages between 110 - 135 degrees.  This product is to be used with close supervision when children are present.

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